Section – Withershins



Think along the lines of Radiohead meets Moderat, so dark, moody, atmospheric and transitory.

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Section is Danny Belgrad’s solo act, a 20 year-old student studying philosophy at Yale. After listening to an unhealthy amount of Grimes, he took up producing and engineering his own music.

Section’s music is ethereal. Rock influenced melodies separate him from other artists within the dream pop genre; as he notes “essentially it’s somewhere in between electronica and a rock band.”

Here’s what Danny has to say on his new single ‘Withershins’: “I accidently broke my microphone and lost my key to the basement where I was recording halfway through the song, so the whole thing kind of splits into two parts.”

Danny has finished a handful of tracks that he’s hoping to release this summer, and will start playing shows again in the fall.