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Top 10 Remixes of 2009

10. Charlie Winston — Like A Hobo (TRU_FIX remix)

We start the list with TRU_FIX’s remix of “Like a Hobo”.   Tru_Fix took a good track and made it great by added some deep bass and smooth dub beats.

09. The Whitest Boy Alive — 1517 (Morgan Geist Remix)

The Original track can be found on the 2009 release, named “Rules”.   The Whitest Boy Alive (aka Erlend Oye and friends) gets the remix treatment from the very talented Morgan Geist (one half of Metro Area).   Morgan takes a striped down approach on this track with a minimal arrangement and warm bassline throughout.   Erlend’s voice always seem to sit nicely within a bed of electronics, too bad his group decided to put away the synths, but alas we can always depend on a good remixers to fill the void.

08. MGMT— Kids (Pet Shop Boys Synthpop Remix)

Pet Shop Boys doing what they do best, that is sweet synthpop music.

07. Pixie Lott – Mama Do (Linus Loves Radio Edit Remix)

Linus Loves has taken a very straight up top 40 pop track   and given it some edge with his remix.   Has a little bit of that late 90’s UK garage sound on the track.

06. La Roux — In the Kill (Skream Remix)

Skream lays it down on this track with build that first showcases La Roux’s vocals and builds to a full on Drum n’ Bass slammer.

05. Lykke Li — Knocked Up (Death To The Throne Remix)

I personally always lean toward the electronic side of thinigs… well electronics with some sort of beat.   So this remix of Lykke Li covering a King of Leon’s track “Knocked Up” is right up my alley by Death To The Throne.

04. Imogen Heap – The Song That Never Was (Odd Year remix)

This is somewhat self serving, but what the heck it’s my blog and my list so there : P.       I created this remix for a competition under my Odd Year moniker.   To this day, the competition has not yet been resolved (should have been decided back in May).   O-well, I think it’s the best remix out there since it doesn’t detract from the sheer beauty of Imogen’s vocals and builds nicely till the end.

03. Friendly Fires — Paris (ft Au Revoir Simone — Aeroplane Remix)

So how do you know a good remix from a bad one?   Well, a mark of a great remix is when you prefer it too the original, which is the case with this wonderfully crafted remix by Aeroplane.   They even replaced the main vocals from Friendly Fires lead vocalist, Ed Macfarlane with   Au Revoir Simone.

02. Kid Cudi Vs Crookers — Day N Nite (Radio Edit)

Remixed by the Italian DJ’s, Crookers, see this hip hop track transformed into a more Fidget House gem.   This track was BBC Radio 1’s top dance track.

01. Florence & The Machine — You Got The Love (The xx Remix)

Excellent remix by the talented hands of The XX.   Takes the original and adds a garage 2-step to it with a sweet sub bassline through out.   I think I’ve listened to this every day since I first found it.   Incredible remix The XX!

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