The Reverb Junkie – Something Good

This is the latest release from The Reverb Junkie. The track has a soothing texture and a very subtle vocal presence. It can be found her latest EP, The Last Person Awake (Music For: Vol 2). Below is the complete EP for your listening pleasure.

Progress Is Made – Risk

For fans of Tricky and Trip Hop comes a new track from Progress is Made. It’s a dystopian sounding track with a Tricky-esque lead vocal. That combo there makes for an engaging tune, which stood out to my ears. Well done Progress is Made.

Lukas G Lukas G – Better Off WIthout Me

Give this track till about the 26 second mark where things start to build and go full blown chorus with a very catchy vocal melody. Lukas G hails from Lithuania and produces Deep House and Brazilian Bass music. This is his first release with Gloamed records. The track is a banger with its sparse arrangement rubber-ish bassline and lovely vocal. It’s all about showcasing essentials.


For fans of Peter Bjorn & John.

Track has a cool mellow vibe and I personally appreciate a good Marimba sound. Vocal melody is just the right amount of sweet which contradicts the lyrics in a intriguing way.