High Contrast – Time Is Hardcore (feat. Anita Blay & Kae Tempest)

Over the weekend I was looking up artists I had not heard from for sometime like The CocknBullKid (aka Anita Blay). I loved her voice at first listen 12 years ago (listen here). She has such a knack for writing catchy melodies and her voice is just killer. I was fortunate to get a hold of her back in the day and started to work on a remix for her . The track is named Misery and here is preview of it (bear in mind, this is not mastered):

Unfortunately, I got stuck trying to finish the chorus section of it. It’s on my things to do this year. Enough about me, back to the track. While looking up Anita I found out she lent here talents to the new release from High Contrast who is someone I lost track of from my Drum n Bass days. High Contrast knows how to write electronic music with emotion. A talent most do not posses and what a perfect pairing. Kae Tempest is the perfect MC on this tune and give it that UK swag. All-in-all it made might night to hear this new tune from the bunch. Here chorus section just makes my heart swoon.

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Ellie Haddad – Gasoline

The tune takes inspiration from several genres like indie pop, jazz and electronic. The smokey vocals and finger snaps are mostly rooted in jazz. The synth bass, various electronic effects is from the electropop side of the house and the last third of the track is indiepop driven. Overall mood is chilled and relaxed till you hit the the 1:45 minute mark where the mood changes and goes a bit darker and harder.

Knapsack – Sleepyhead

Has some of that Passion Pit flavor with its driven beat and falsetto vocals. It’s an indie pop / electropop number that mixes both organic and synthetic textures to great effect. The track has these quite moments and these larger peaks which keeps everything interesting. Gabriel O’Leary (aka knapsack) is musician, singer, producer from Chicago.