Best of 2020 Dub Step Electronic Electronic Pop electronica

La+ch – Kiss

Atmospheric and melancholy opening track from the latest full length from La+ch. ‘Kiss’ incorporates dub step, house, and electronica to paint a tapestry of sound that is somewhere between dystopia and lost love. It’s haunting and grooving all at the same time. My only complaint is that it is too short – but I guess that’s why we have play repeat on our devices. La+ch is a Toronto, Canadian based singer / producer.

La+ch · Kiss

Best of 2020 Deep House

Planet der Krassen – Missing You

Smooth groove with all the deep house flavor one could ask for. Really dig the strings on the track as well as the vocals. Laid back, chilled and perfect for that summer gathering around the pool. This is second track I’ve post from them and they seem to be a roll as of late. Nothing feels forced or contrived on the track, it all just flows.

Best of 2020 Electronic Pop Synthpop

NRVS LVRS – Little Cults

Husband and wife duo NRVS LVRS (pronounced “Nervous Lovers”) just releases their latest offer from their new Cult Lite EP. By the way, love the bands name and it’s takes it to another level knowing they are husband and wife. This first cut from the EP has a playful summer time energy to it. Has a solid groove and 80’s esque feel that just adds more feel good to the track. Love the lead line which is more of a manipulated vocal but fits perfectly. Be sure to check out their entire EP if you like this cut as the EP has the same energy from start to finish.

NRVS LVRS · Little Cults