Acid House Best of 2016 House

Human Resource – Dominator (Wax Worx Remix)

This video is just pure entertainment bliss.  Love when solid dancers elevate a tune to the next level.  The kids in this video hit hard and lock the vibe in perfectly.

The tune is a 90’s acid house classic by Human Resource that has got re-worked by the talented hands of Wax Worx.

Best of 2016 Electronic Pop

Junior A – Sleep Machine

The main melody is so strong on this and the emotion really comes through.  It takes awhile to settle in, but when it does it really does hit.

Best of 2016 Electronic Folk

Seakid Mollusk – Ocean Witch

Love this experimental mix of electronic textures and dense harmonies – think folktronica here.  Big win for anyone that like the fringes of Elliott Smith and Benjamin Francis Leftwich.