Porsches – Horses

Summer pool side jam with impeccable production on the drums, satin sweet!

Superpoze – Unlive

French producer Superpoze has just unveild his first track from his upcoming album ‘Opening’.  It’s a dark melodic piece centered around a piano melody.  Differently one for headphone listening / aural transportation.

Thief – Crazy

Yes, I love me some Thief.  It’s that blend of R&B with electronic dance pop that  just does it for me, probably because of countless hours as a kid listening to Steve Wonder’s Hotter Than July side-by-side with Kraftwerk’s Trans-Europe Express.

Not sure if this a first release of an EP or full length, but in any case I dig it!



Marsheaux – The Sun And The Rainfall

After the departure of  principle song writer Vince Clarke from Depeche Mode the band turned to Martin Gore to pen the bands second full length album, “A Broken Frame”.  It was quite a departure from their poppy sound to a something much darker.   It wasn’t well received but it laid the ground work for what would become the bands new sound.  Fast forward to 2015 and a greek synthpop duo named Marsheaux revisits the entire album, track by track, and breaths new life into these classic tracks.  They’ve laid their breathy vocals and punched up the rhythms on these covers and re-introduce us yet again to the brilliance of Depeche Mode.

Also love this cover as well: