Best of 2020 Electronic House

Rangleklods – Like That

Rangleklods · Like That

Has a TEED sound to the track with its house vibe and subdued vocals similar to Rufus Del Sol. This is quite different to the previous Rangleklods track posted here. Here the vocals take a bit more of a back seat and sit in the groove while the synths and beat push the track forward. I really like his vocals here with the tinge of sorrow and melancholy. I’m sure this track will be queued up in the more trendy eateries around Los Angeles.

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The Lovepools – Cut Me Slack!

The Lovepools · Cut Me Slack!

Reminds me a bit of MGMT meets Passion Pit with a pinch of Empire of the Sun. This energetic tune has a fun vocal melody that centers around the idea of childhood dreams yet to be realized and the strive to fulfill them. The synth parts remind me quite a bit of MGMT and how they have this swirling vibe to them. The vocals and harmonies are well done and fit the mood perfectly. Really dig the piano lead line in the chorus and the melody of it.

Best of 2020 Electronic Electronic Pop

Sam Way – Give me Something

Sam Way · Give Me Something

Track opens with an electronic keys and then the ticking of a clock with a piano accompaniment kicks in. The build up on the track is so satisfy once the chorus lands. The song is about feeling disconnected in a world that has gone dark and searching for that light of hope. The vocals are melodramatic and fit the mood perfectly. The song came about as a joint effort with film maker Kirk Truman who shot black and white film of London’s Covid lock down. For fans of UNKLE.