Teeel – Disk Go

12 Jacket (3mm Spine) [GDOB-30H3-007}

Latest offering from Teeel on Mush Records is a disco/new wave pop blend.



TEEEL (Jim Smith) is a electronic music producer/songwriter from New Jersey, founder of Synth Records (Synthemesc Recordings) and iheartsynths.com. Inspired by the 80s new wave movement, Teeel credits his sound to marathon movie watching and being an obsessive gear head. Creating music in a 10×10 teal painted room, stacked with synthesizers and guitars, TEEEL produces music that ranges from hypnotic vocal synthpop to dreamwave and dark electronic rock.

TEEEL’s critically-acclaimed debut album, “Amulet” (Moodgadget Records, 2011) has generated quite the buzz in the blog world as well as being featured on KEXP radio, ISO50.com, Boomkat, and more. With a slew of remixes and and singles his sophomore album “University Heights” was later self-released on Synth Records in 2012. His continued success has lead to playing more live shows and recently working with a band to elevate his live performances.

Although Teeel is a fairly new project, Jim Smith is no rookie to the music industry. Running his own record label, performing in multiple bands and professionally DJing hundreds of parties since the mid 90s, he’s been very busy. Taking the stage as TEEEL with an arsenal of synthesizers, controllers, guitars and effects, his captivating and powerful performances have grabbed interest across the world. With the addition of guitarist Stephen Chladnicek for SXSW, and recent appearances across the US, TEEEL continues to capture the crowd’s imagination and push forward into the future.

The Juan MacLean – A Simple Design


The Juan MacLean release their latest dance pop track that features long time collaborator Nancy Whang (ex-LCD Soundsystem) on vocals.

Moxi – Missing Piece

Fun loving electronic pop track from Moxi.


Moxi is an indie pop duo from Los Angeles, CA, built on the dreamy vocals of Anna Nelson and surrounded by the moody, atmospheric keyboards of Andy Toy.  Drawing on elements from pop, classic cinema, and 80?s new wave, Moxi sets Nelson’s distinct vocals on a backdrop of big drums and electronic textures.  ”Through the Dark”, the follow up EP to 2013?s “In My Dreams” lives up to its name as darker, more beat-driven, and more of a wanderer than it’s predecessor.  Teaming up with Emmy award winning producer Bobby Hartry, Moxi plans to release “Through The Dark” in the fall of 2014 with Catbeach music.

White Town – Your Woman


Going back all the way to 1997  and featuring a muted trumpet line taken from “My Woman” by Al Bowlly (jazz cat famous in the 1930′).   This track was in heavy rotation here in Los Angeles on KROQ,  This was when KROQ actually played all kinds of music and not just the Top 40,  that it now plays.  Yes, a bit bitter about that station but nothing last forever.

A Bit of Background on the track (according to Wikipedia):

White Town’s sole band member and writer of “Your Woman”, Jyoti Prakash Mishra, has stated that the lyrics could stem from or be related to multiple situations. He says “When I wrote it, I was trying to write a pop song that had more than one perspective. Although it’s written in the first person the character behind that viewpoint isn’t necessarily what the casual listener would expect”.[2] The lyrics could mean “Being a member of an orthodox Trotskyist / Marxist movement. Being a straight guy in love with a lesbian. Being a gay guy in love with a straight man. Being a straight girl in love with a lying, two-timing, fake-arse Marxist. The hypocrisy that results when love and lust get mixed up with highbrow ideals.”[2] Many listeners also likened the song to a breakup letter, where the man reading the breakup letter imitates the woman’s voice.[2]