Anicetuss & Michael Shynes – Vibrations

This particular indie pop track leans heavily on a jazz groove and moves with a confident swagger. Combine this with the vocals of Micheal Shynes you have a track that truly stands out. Micheal delivers the vocals with a crisp and cool R&B infused vibe. I really hope Micheal collaborates more with producers like Anicetuss that really showcases his vocals and lets him explore new genres.

Bubble Boat – Blue Lagoon

Upbeat fun tune for summer from French duo Bubble Boat. The chorus reminds me of an ELO melody that they would use. The production sports an almost slide guitar sound with a bouncing synth bassline and a Hawaiian-esque lead guitar. They have a knack for blending traditional instruments with electronic textures and sounds. Also for blending genres like pop, rock, and electronica.