Best of 2013

Best Electronic Music of 2013

Really hard to get this list in order since any given day my mood changes and I would have a different order to my top 50.  With that said, here are my favorite tracks of 2013.  If you think I left a track out, hit me up on soundcloud with a little note of you why you think I should have included, so and so.  This playlist (for the most part, since I couldn’t find every track) is also up Soundcloud and Spotify.

1.  Big Black Delta – Side Of The Road
This track just killed me with it’s ELO-esque sound on the vocoder.  Huge energy and just a ball of fire.  As Grizz Fang‘s comment read, “ I felt alive when I heard this.”  I wholeheartedly agree. 

2. Big Data – The Stroke of Return (feat. Joywave)

As soon as this track started, it was immediate love.   I appreciate the talent and thought that went into all of the little flourishes.   The vocal performance has a certain Freddy Mercury quality to it.

3. Kavinsky – Odd Look

This Micheal Jackson-esque vocal is married to an 80’s synthpop that just works!   This track came out of nowhere and just clubbed me.

4. Classixx – All You’re Waiting For (ft. Nancy Whang)Crisp production and just an overall good time, and it doesn’t hurt you have Nancy Whang on vocals either!

5. Ellie Goulding – BurnSo triumphant with beautiful builds and the sweet sweet vocals of Ellie Goulding.

6. Big Data – Dangerous (feat. Joywave)

Another great track from Big Data with some help from Joywave.

7. Röyksopp – Something In My Heart (ft. Jamie Irrepressible)
There is a certain type of beauty from a certain type of pain and this track captures it.   Jaime’s voice just melds into the melancholy production from Royksopp and produces a memorable piece of art.

8. Stars – Hold On When You Get Love and Let Go When You Give It
My favorite part of this track is that New Order-esque bassline that only shows up at the 41 second mark.  Overall it’s a well crafted song  with a phenomenal video.

9. Thief – Closer

Thief released my favorite EP of 2013.  Every track on that EP is superb.  “Closer” is just a hair taller than the rest, but not by much.   It’s just pop perfection with soul.

10. Kate Boy – The Way We Are

Another excellent EP was Northern Lights” from Kate Boy.  This track has an edge to it and  Kate Akhurst’s vocals play well with the overall attitude.   Looking forward to their full length coming soon.

11. Metronomy – I’m Aquarius

Lovely cut from  Metronomy’s fourth full length album, “Love Letter“. It’s sparse arrangement leaves plenty of room for lead singer Joseph Mount’s voice to fill the void.  Also, when those drums kick in, it’s magical.

12. Disclosure –White Noise (ft. AlunaGeorge)

Probably the best full length released last year was Disclosure’s self title debut.   There are so many good cuts from that album, but my favorite song is “White Noise”.  First off, I love the sound of white noise, in life and in my music but it’s really that lead line and overall production that hits home for me.  The vocal from AlunaGeorge  elevates the track to another level.

13. RÜFÜS – Desert Night

This track is so smooth yet has these moments of full-on technicolor, and then always gracefully settles back into the pocket.  So good…

14. Disclosure – F For You

Solid crisp production with groove and feeling.  These guys have got their sound wired.

15. CHVRCHES – Recover

This Scottish electronic band has a good hold on 80’s synthpop but raises it to another level.  Lead vocalist, Lauren Mayberry, injects such energy that even the synths have a hard time keeping up.

16. Conway – Big Talk

What a good solid pop track with a little 80’s new wave feel to it.  Love the bassline that swings on this track.

17. Kyle Andrews – Crystal Ball

This guy should be more well known and definitely should have way more play counts on soundcloud then he currently does.   Crystal Ball is so catchy even my 3 year old sings it.

BTW: This is a free download, just click on shopping cart icon in the soundcloud player.

18. Kate Boy – In Your Eyes

Yet another entry for Kate Boy, did I mentioned I loved their EP?

19. CHVRCHES – The Mother We Share

Got another entry from CHVRCHES as well.  True 80’s New Wave in full effect on this track.

20. The Reverb Junkie – All I Want

Michelle Chamuel’s voice just does it for me.  Hence why I reached out to her to work with and eventually produced two EP’s under my “Odd Year” moniker along with Michelle’s moniker of “The Reverb Junkie”.   This track was taken from her full length of the same name, “All I Want“.

21. Say Yes Dog – Get It

I get such a warm glowing feeling listening to these guys from Berlin.  Can’t wait for new music from them.  They also produced one of my favorite EP’s from last year.  I think they got their genre down as well, Synth Pop House — works for me!

22. Joywave – Tongues (ft. KOPPS)

This track is very Hot Chip, but still is unique onto itself.   Clever use of vocal samples that are retriggered into an engaging syncopation.  — [Proud of myself with that last sentence 🙂 ]

23. New Build – False Thing

Talk about groove, this has it in abundance with that bass and drums.  I love the David Bowie feel on this and is probably why I ranked it so high.  Those synth flares really make it for me.

24. Thief – Cold

From the same Thief EP we have another soul infused electronic pop track.  It’s the vocal and syncopation that deliver for me.

25. RÜFÜS – Take Me

Big fan of the sound that RÜFÜS have been able to create.  A combination of house, pop, and trance all rolled into one.

26. Disclosure – Latch (ft. Sam Smith)

Talking of vocals, did anyone catch this guy’s name?  Will if you didn’t know his name before, it’s a good bet you do now and it’s in big thanks to this track from Disclosure.  Beautiful falsetto voice that slips into a more soulful vocal with ease.

27. Hey Champ – Comet (ft. BeuKes)

That big bassline that comes in like a comet sells this track.  Of course there’s also the vocal melody that is catchy as hell.

28. Broods – Bridges

Spares and open but with a bleeding heart that’s intoxicating.

29. Maya Jane Coles – Everything (ft. Karin)

A dark beauty full of danger.  You know if this song came up in a movie, that scene would not have a pleasent ending.  It’s a shadowy tech house track with matching dark vocals.

30. Alison Moyet – Filigree

Alison has finally found her producer, well outside of Vince Clark that is,  it’s Guy Sigsworth (the other half of Frou Frou).  Guy has really captured Alison in the best light and produced the best track from Alison since Yaz in my opinion.  I must have listened to this track a hundred plus times, and it’s still my favorite from her latest album, “The Minutes“.

31. Say Yes Dog – A Friend
Like I said, one of the best EP’s from last year — another fine example of why I love Say Yes Dog.

32. Andy Bull – Keep On RunningLove his attitude which is almost punk.  Like how this track really doesn’t sound like anything out there at the moment.  Creeping bassline and dynamic vocal performance from Andy.

33. Say Yes Dog – Around My Neck

Oh look here, who do we have again?  Yes, it’s Say Yes Dog — surprise surprise.

34. James Blake – Retrograde
James Blake, need I same more?  Well ok, I will.  Doesn’t this track make you want to have that cathartic cry we all need from time to time?   So emotional and raw, how can you resist.

35. Black Light Dinner Party – We Are Golden
I have a big heart for these guys, they produce well polish music that captures your imagination and sails with it.   Expecting big things for these guys moving forward.

36. Erasure – Loving Man
Now this is Erasure!  I never get tired of Andy’s voice, even after all these years — yes it’s true love.  Vince Clarke is such a huge influence on me and just admire the craftsmenship in his arrangements and melodies.  He is a genius and coupled with Andy it doesn’t get much better.  Also like to give the two dancers a warm round of applause for creating a very entertaining music video.

37. RAC – Let Go (ft. Kele & MNDR)
Have a soft spot for MNDR’s vocal style that just rings 80’s new wave.  And of course RAC’s production is always top shelf.

38. Dillon Francis – Without You (ft. Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs)
Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs (T.E.E.D) has been a favorite of mine for several years now and this is an excellent example of why.  We see T.E.E.D team up with Dillion Francis on a high energy house track that showcases T.E.E.D’s melodic chops.

39. Say Yes Dog – Love You Back
Yup, Say Yes Dog again.  I’m telling you, one of the best EP’s from last year hands down.

40. Chlöe Howl – Rumour
Very British and very catchy, it’s along the Lily Allen side of pop.  The lyrics are quite fun and clever.

41. Basement Jaxx – What A Difference Your Love Makes

Yay, let me say that one more time, Yay. Because  Basement Jaxx are back to the sound that I fell in love with back in the Remedy album days.   They kinda of lost me that last two albums, but we finally have that house sound with all the bells and whistles as only the Jaxx can do.

42. Disclosure – You & Me (ft. Eliza Doolittle)
Yes, it’s been a huge year for Disclosure and continues to be in 2014.  Here is another example why.

43. Ploy – VRDSNT

Romantic electronic pop sound with a great melody. This has a Postal Service quality to it but with a bit more house vibe.

BTW: Another free download as well.

44. Knocking Ghost – Soul Aspiration
It’s a little Cold Play meets Miike Snow with one heck of a chorus.

45. Tensnake – See Right Through (ft. Fiora)

House track with smoldering vocals by Fiora.  Just a great track overall with it’s full color sonic spectrum.

46. Tirzah – I’m Not Dancing
Incredible original sound on this track.  Case in point, the really low-grade drum samples and that breathy wind sample that is used for the bassline.  Great stuff!

47. Joe Goddard & Boris Dlugosch – Step Together
Joe Goddard just does it for me.   He knows how to take what would sound ordinary in someone else’s hands and make it extraordinary. He really knows how to get a good vibe going and tweak it to make it his own.

48. Mitzi – Who Will Love You Now
File this into the “mix tape” for a road trip category.  Relaxed, sunny and easy to slid into.

49. Oliver – Night Is On My Mind
From the get-go this grabs you and doesn’t let go.  Hard hitting electro from Oliver who also throws in some Disco flavor for good measure.

50. Colette – When The Music’s Loud
First heard this on KCRW and loved it.  At first it almost sounded like Annie and then more like Royksopp.  And with that, we wrap up the best electronic tracks of 2013.!