Cults – Spit You Out

Beautiful lead melody with gentle vocals adorn this new track from Cults. The musical elements paint an adoring picture with some trippy elements. The drums ground it to earth while the organs and synth elements take it to new grounds. The song focuses on parasitic relationships and how to break old patterns of interaction. Cults is the duo of Madeline Follin and Brian Oblivion.

Mounika. – Ailleurs

Have another Mounika. track that is another testament to his craftsmanship. The track centers around a manipulated vocal snippet with a steel guitar-esque sound that provides the backbone. It conjures images of a sitting on cabin porch by the Bayou. Has a bit of a mystery around it with it’s eerie lead sound that drops in around the 43 second mark. Another hallmark of Mounkia. is his talent for crafting a solid beat.

Andrei Sora – Uber Blindfold Epicyon

Love when an instrumental can tell a story and that’s exactly what Andrei Sora did with Uber Blindfold Epicyon. It starts with a softer lead in the intro and then is struck with what sounds like an unfortunate series of events. The track, at least to my ears, has movements rather then verse/chorus since it evolves and takes the listener on a sonic voyage. The classic synths sounds are always a pull for me and there is plenty of that on this tune. Andrei Sora is a music producer from London by way of Romania.