Gotye – Thanks For Your Time

Take some Peter Gabriel-esque vocals, mix in some old school Speak and Spell computer speak, and catchy bassline and you got the track from Gotye titled, “Thanks For Your Time”.     Love the break down in the middle of the track — wait for it around the 2:31 mark — in a word, brilliant!

Gotye hails from a city I’ve actually had the pleasure of visiting (there aren’t alot, hence why I’m pointing this out), Bruges which is located in Belgium.   However, Gotye (aka Wouter DeBacker) now resided in Melbourne, Australia.   I bring this to your attention, since you can hear the influcense of such citys in his music.   You can find this track as well as many others from his 2006 release, “Like Drawing Blood”.

Gotye – Thanks For Your Time

Album link:
Like Drawing Blood

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  1. Great song, though it nearly (not quite, but nearly) grows a tad monotonous towards the end. The advertisement clip at the very end neatly sums up the song. 5 stars.

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