Darla Jade & Nico de Andrea – Ghost in Me

Heart break vocal over a bed of organic and synthetic textures. The piano and vocal are the backbone of the track that is further enhanced by Nico and his other worldly sonics. The production places the track into more of an electronic vibe with more depth. The instrumentation really highlights the sadness of the track and helps to propel it. Of course Darla’s voice is sad as it is romantic.

Meg Smith – Cross My Heart I Hope U Die

A bit of Amy Winehouse vibe on this new track from Meg Smith. It’s has a chilled and sophisticated sound in the verse section and then gets a bit more groovy and a bit darker in the chorus. I really appreciate the pre-chrous line of ‘…boys like you’ and the pay off when the chorus does land. Now if the title of the track didn’t give it away, then rest assured the lyrics make it painfully obvious this not someone you want to tick off in a romantic way.

Ondist – So Fragile

The plucked strings and soft vocals have certain charm to them. And the music has a slow merry go-around feel about it. Put it together and you a song about love rotating away from the old lover to the new and all the insecurities that come with. The lead vocalist, Maya Coopola, has such a tender and melancholy tone to her voice. Corbin Dooley, Nick Poortman, and Maya Coppola are Ondist.

Website: https://www.ondistmusic.com/