Jack Johnson – Breakdown

Playful midtempo track from Jack Johnson’s 2005 release titled “In Between Dreams”.

Last.fm bio:

Jack Johnson (born May 18, 1975) is a Hawaii-born singer-songwriter, accomplished professional surfer and filmmaker who has achieved commercial success and a dedicated following since he first appeared on G. Love & Special Sauce’s album Philadelphonic. The release of his 2001 debut album, Brushfire Fairytales further cemented his popularity.

Jack learned to play the guitar at age 14, and was a professional surfer until an accident at Pipeline in which his front teeth were knocked out and he received more than 150 stitches. While he was recovering in bed, he spent his time writing songs and playing guitar. However, Jack didn’t seriously pursue a career in the arts until his college years at the University of California, Santa Barbara. Jack Johnson also played rhythm guitar for the party band “Soil”, and graduated with a degree in film.

He has written, recorded, and released the albums Brushfire Fairytales (2001), On and On (2003), In Between Dreams (2005), Sing-A-Longs and Lullabies For The Film Curious George (2006) and Sleep Through The Static (2008), he has also been on 3 soundtracks “September Sessions” from the film The September Sessions, “Thicker Than Water” from the film Thicker Than Water, “Sprout”, “A Broke Down Melody” Ep and “Some Live Songs EP”. Several of his songs are also featured in the movie “Out Cold”. His latest album – Sleep Through The Static – is among the top 10 of the US charts at present, as can be seen at http://mp3walls.com/.


I hope this old train breaks down
Then I could take a walk around
And, see what there is to see
And time is just a melody
All the people in the street
Walk as fast as their feet can take them
I just roam through town
And though my windows got a view
The frame I’m looking through
Seems to have no concern for me now
So for now I,

I need this here
Old train to breakdown
Oh please just
Let me please breakdown

This engine screams out loud
Saying the beat gunna crawl westbound
I don’t even make a sound
Cause its gunna sting me when I leave this town
And the people in the street
That I’ll never get to meet
If these tracks dont bend somehow
And I got no time
That I got to get to
Where I don’t need to be
So I,

I need this here
Old train to breakdown
Oh please just
Let me please breakdown
I need this here
Old train to breakdown
Oh please just
Let me please breakdown

I wanna break on down
But I can’t stop now
Let me break on down
But you cant stop nothing
If you got no control
Of the thoughts in your mind
That you kept in you know
You dont know nothing
But you dont need to know
The wisdoms in the trees
Not the glass windows

You can’t stop wishing
If you dont let go
But things that you find
And you lose and you know
You keep on rolling
Put the moment on hold
The frames too bright
So put the blinds down low

Jack Johnson – Breakdown

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