SADBOii – Avocado Toast

SADBOii channels his inner Robert Smith (of The Cure) on this new glimmering 80’s inspired tune. The music is 80’s synthpop and is full of dynamic energy. He sings about failing but never giving up on making his parents proud. In his own words, he writes: “I’m a singer, songwriter, musician, producer and creative who got sick of being signed to major labels. They said I should write less sadboy shit. So instead, I created SADBOii.” So the subject might be sad but the music itself is full of energy.

Arrow Kids – Hold Me Like That

A raucous rock vibe dominates while being supported by synth elements and an emotional vocal. The track has a huge arena sound to it which reminds me of Big Data. The vocals of Kenny Fleetwood in the verse sections has a certain vulnerability to them. However the vocals hit hard and direct in the chorus to make a sure fit hit. ‘Hold Me Like That’ can be found on their newly released EP, Care More.

Anicetuss & Michael Shynes – Vibrations

This particular indie pop track leans heavily on a jazz groove and moves with a confident swagger. Combine this with the vocals of Micheal Shynes you have a track that truly stands out. Micheal delivers the vocals with a crisp and cool R&B infused vibe. I really hope Micheal collaborates more with producers like Anicetuss that really showcases his vocals and lets him explore new genres.