Radio Eliza – Kids


Catchy from the start and production is killer, so hat’s off to whoever produced the track.  Think Maroon 5 meets RAC and that about adds up to “Kids”.

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About this song

Radio Eliza are six young musicians from Amsterdam (NL) with a shared passion for indie pop. Inspired by artist as Phoenix, The Wombats and MGMT they mix electronic beats, synths and guitars with catchy hooks and edgy pop songs.

In 2015 Radio Eliza won the Amsterdam Pop Award. The jury said: “They have the songs, the sound and the future.” March 2016 they released their first single ‘Kids’. The single was picked up by dutch national radio station 3FM, which stated: “Kids sounds as if it has been on the radio for years, cheerful indie pop that stays in your head.”

Radio Eliza is:

Morby Burns (guitar&vox) – Ruby Blizzard (guitar&keys) – Twun (keys) – Disco Daniel (bass) – Gilfiebilfie (samples&percussion) – The Japster (drums)



Blair – Liquid Courage


For fans of Spoon this should be a win.  Charming melody and yes I like whistling in my tracks.

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Felix Pallas – RAKATA (Lisseman Remix)


There is a subtle hand at play here that is rather gifted in crafting a delicate yet engaging remix.  Lisseman does all that and delivers a more enjoyable version than the original.

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Favored Nations – Amazon


Relaxing like a summer breeze with honey soaked vocals.

Short Bio:

Their accomplishments thus far aren’t too surprising since the trio is made up of some very familiar and beloved men on the dance music scene. James Curd is one of the most sought after remixers in the genre and he founded the group with singer Morgan Phalen, whose voice will sound familiar to anyone who listened to Justice’s psychy second LP Audio Video Disco. Curd then added Surahn Sidhu, touring bass and guitar player for Empire of the Sun, to the mix.