Merz – Postcard From a Dark Star


Great mellow track with minimal elecrtronic elements off set by a great vocal performance.

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“Merz aka Conrad Lambert has a life as unorthodox as his music. He began his travels at 18, after his schooling in West Yorkshire, and has made friends in 48 countries. His parents live in Mongolia, his grandmother was born in Babylon (Long Island that is). He’s currently settled in Bristol, where, distanced from the industry, he writes his curious music.” NME

“A maverick with three decades of cultural exploring behind him, Conrad Lambert is a post-pop auteur with a distinctive croaky voice and oodles of left-field ideas.” UNCUT

“In the airbrushed teen market, he might be deemed no oil painting, but to the trained eye he resembles Vincint Van Gogh. Lend him your ears.” EVENING STANDARD.

1 “merz makes unique, untainted music that’s a hurricane of fresh air” cd of the week, The Independent.

2 “a master of modern folk” i-D magazine.

3 “merz sounds like nobody else in the world and the world would be alright if it listened to nobody else. We absolutely love him.” Coldplay

4 “merz is passionate music with heart for a musically sophisticated audience” Pure Magazine

5 “what makes merz great are his songs – earnest, poetic pleas that impact a sense of hope and well being” Flipside

6 “merz’s debut should be cherished….it will leave you bewitched” cd of the week, The Guardian.

7 “Already critically acclaimed as Britains answer to Beck, Merz is actually more tortured and less ironic… a breathless, confident vocal. Extraordinary and original…” (5/5) Heat

8 “he’s living in cloud cuckoo land” The Sun

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Merz – Postcard From a Dark Star

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