The Reverb Junkie – All I Want


The Reverb Junkie (aka Michelle Chamuel), my musical collaborator with a stunning voice and overall swell person, has just released her debut album, “All I Want“.  The title track starts out with a scratchy  vinyl record-esque type sound and explodes into a dubstep inspired push and pull cacophony.   Other standout tracks for me are:

Hanging One” with it’s doo-wop intro and building to stuttered vocals and heavy beats     

Worth” with Michelle’s vocals shinning front and center, such sweet tenderness is addicting.

Tear Down Walls” 60’s ish vibe on the intro and then settles into a more exotic vibe.

Be sure to drop by her Tumbler page for more info on this release:

You can purchase this album on iTunes and Bandcamp

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