The Pragmatic – Rendezvous



Going back to 2009, strange it seems so long ago, with these two wonderful tracks from The Pragmatic.  Much in the vein of The Postal Service, to which I credit Karl F Kling’s vocals and the production of Andre Allen Anjos of Remix Artists Collective (RAC) fame.

The Pragmatic – Rendezvous

The Pragmatic – You Blame Me


The Pragmatic lives up to their name fusing together their electronic musical stylings with whatever else they need to get the sounds they want. The St. Louis based duo-turned 5-piece band has been gaining attention from blogs like Missing Toof, Kewl Musik, and La New Shit as well as having the number 1 track on Hype Machine.

Currently The Pragmatic is working on putting out a series of hard copy singles in the US, Canada, and England, while digital releases are readily available. The band is currently writing new material and planning a US tour for the spring of 2009.

The Pragmatic started kind of as an experiment. Andre and I were both into producing and loved analog synthesizers. We had worked together on one other occasion doing some recordings for another band and just decided to collaborate and see if we could come up with something we liked. The result was a pretty humorous surprise. I remember laughing listening to the play back of the synth hook in circles thinking this is ridiculous but also being pretty happy with the sound as well. I think that pretty much defines what we are usually aiming for, some side of serious surrounded by absurdities. – Karl F Kling

Life on the Run from Kris Kling on Vimeo.