Astronauts, etc. – Mystery Colors


Introspective but alluring is the track by Anthony Ferraro (aka Astronauts, etc.)

 Astronauts, etc. – Mystery Colors


“Mystery Colors” is the first single off our debut EP, Supermelodic Pulp, slated for release on September 8th. The EP will feature a sci-fi music video for each of its five tracks, with a loose narrative tying them together.

Astronauts, etc. is the solo project of Anthony Ferraro, a Berkeley student who found electronic music when arthritis prevented him from pursuing a career in classical piano. His flavor of restrained, hypnotic dream-pop evokes feelings of space, isolation, and introspection.


you had me
running from the real thing
i didn’t even know the difference
now i’m feeling so betrayed

we’d spoken
just the other evening
outside of someone else’s window
now i’m feeling so betrayed

your history
is coming back to educate me
to put me out of place and take me
to another time

we’re spending
far too much attention driving
all of our attentions away
from each other

look into the center of the spinning wheel
tell me what you feel
tell me what you feel

new flirtations
and other forms of recreation
i’m in love with foreign places
i’m in love

mystery colors
and things we cannot tell each other
locked inside our heaven’s cupboards
pretend that i’m asleep