MAU – Arkanoid

Man and Unable, aka MAU, just sent this track in and it kills.  MAU  originally  hailing from all over the world (Denmark, Portugal, France, Germany and Israel) are now based in Portugal and are set to release their third full length album later this year, from which this track was taken from.

Filled with odd electronic chirps and gurgles (perhaps the link in title “Arkanoid” to the video game?)  meshes well with lead singer Luís F. de Sousa’s voice.  The verses on this track also remind me of something Frou Frou would have produced.

The chorus just sticks in my mind:

Hit Me

Pull me


Another Breakdown


Slow Down Now

Slow Down-down-down-down

Another Breakdown

MAU – Arkanoid

Here is a remix by 3rd for your enjoyment:

MAU – Arkanoid (3rd Remix)

Previous Releases from MAU:

MAU – Man And Unable (2006)

MAU – Tales of Wonder, Fur and Deception (2008)

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