Flunk – Play


This track can be found on their 2004 release, “Morning Star”.  This particular track is part shoegaze, part Telepopmusik and part Bent.

from last.fm:

Flunk is a Norwegian electronic band consisting of producer Ulf Nygaard, guitarist Jo Bakke, drummer Erik Ruud, and vocalist Anja Oyen Vister.

The band began as a project between Ulf and Jo in Oslo, Norway in the winter of 2000-01. Starting out as an instrumental and sampled vocal project, they were signed for a track on a compilation by  Beatservice Records in Winter 2001. On hearing the finished track, label manager Vidar Hanssen signed the unnamed band for a full album.

During early Summer 2001, Ulf and Jo recorded most of the album and Anja improvised the vocals. After their vocals, Jo layered the guitars, but it would be a year before the album would be completed and released.

In Spring 2002, the band was known as Flunk and they released their first single, a cover of  New Order’s  PlayBlue Monday in April. The  track was well received in the UK and was included on numerous compilations in North America and Europe. Later in April, their debut album  For Sleepyheads Only was released which garnered great reviews in Norway. With the success of their album, BBC invited them to do a recording session for the Radio 1 show The Blue Room in London. Shortly after Notting Hill Art’s Club would become the location to their live debut. In the United States, they became signed to  Guidance Recordings.

By Summer 2002, raving reviews were being returned by British electronica magazines and in July they played Norway’s finest rock festival. In October  For Sleepyheads Only was released in the US through Guidance Recordings. By November they played the London Jazz Festival.

Flunk – Play

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