Yelle – Karate

Back with another Yelle track and video. Yelle not only consistently produces great tracks but they always seem to find a simple premise to build a music video with. This time out, we are in the Dojo of dance. And lead singer Julie Budet (aka Yelle) is in red to contrast the with Dojo dancer in white. Was hoping for a dance showdown at some point, which didn’t happen but the video is entertaining nonetheless.

As for the tune itself, it’s rooted in a Hip Hop vibe of old. Has elements of house like the synth bassline and the keyboard chord stabs. The love on this track for me is the last minute or so of the track with that heartfelt synth lead line that drops around the 2:20 mark. Just another great track from the massive catalog of Yelle. The main line of the track is:

“Ton kimono est un pyjama” which translates to “Your kimono is a pyjama”.