Overland Inn – Les Loups

Waves of synth wash over and infused with emotion to take the listener on a journey inward. Has a vibe that most Modeselektor fans would dig. It’s that slightly detuned synth and the drifting in and out of conscious that makes this so beautiful. The percussive textures are also delicate and hard at the same time, a feat onto itself.

Darla Jade & Nico de Andrea – Ghost in Me

Heart break vocal over a bed of organic and synthetic textures. The piano and vocal are the backbone of the track that is further enhanced by Nico and his other worldly sonics. The production places the track into more of an electronic vibe with more depth. The instrumentation really highlights the sadness of the track and helps to propel it. Of course Darla’s voice is sad as it is romantic.

Goodzie – Goodbye

Put simply, this track has a lovely melody. It has that melancholy flavor I love and the beat is solid. Production cranks up the energy with an interesting break around the 30 second mark before landing into the chorus. The lyrics seem to mark an end of a relationship sung from both perspectives. It has a mystery to it as well, since the listener is not given the full picture of what has transpired previously.