Let’s Go Outside – I’ll Lick Your Spine (ft. Christina Broussard)


Soma recording artist, Let’s Go Outside (aka Stephen Schieberl) has a new full length album that was released January 28th, titled “A Picnic with The Hunters”. This particular track has a nice mix of minimal electro, such as a booming kick drum, 808 hi-hats and vocals.

Soma Bio:

Stephen Schieberl has produced electronic music for over a decade, taking the mantra “Let’s Go Outside” as his moniker. Residing in Portland, Oregon where he first released on small local experimental label, Buried In Time, he soon moved onto Bradford-based Midnight Recordings before being picked up by Soma shortly afterwards.

His discography includes everything from nearly silent ambient to the most destructive of techno, and all which lies between. Let’s Go Outside’s performances borrow from this immense palette to create a form of techno that defies genre. His weird and filthy techno hits you like a rusty chainsaw in the face… in a good way.

Let’s Go Outside – I’ll Lick Your Spine (ft. Christina Broussard) [Removed per request]

You can preview the entire album here & here



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