This track has serious 80’s synth pop attitude with a splash of techno.  Dig that white noise and grooving bassline.

For fans of: Kraftwerk

Eelke Kleijn – Rubicon (Extended Mix)

Fell in love with this Techno number from Eelke Kleijn who somehow captured just the right amount of Giorgio Moroder but still made it sound modern.  Its techno with a 70’s disco flavor.

T.Raumschmiere – Monstertruckdriver


If the title doesn’t forswadow it, yes, this is one hell of a quirky and catchy instrumental.  T.Raumschmiere is one Marco Haas, a punk techno DJ hailing from Heidelberg, Germany.  If you like left-of-center electronic, think Royksopp, then you’ll more than likely enjoy this track.  This track can be found on his 2003 debut album, “Radio Blackout”.

T.Raumschmiere – Monstertruckdriver


About the name (from wiki):
The name T.Raumschmiere is a cut-up from the German title of the short story “The Dream Cops” by William S. Burroughs: “Die Traumschmiere”.

The German title contains several different meanings:

  • TRAUM = dream, subconscious
  • RAUM = room, space, venue
  • SCHMIERE = grease, lubricant, smear, spread



Libra Presents Taylor – Anomaly – Calling Your Name (Granny’s Epicure Remix)


Libra is the alias for one Brian Wayne Transeau, otherwise known as BT.  BT worked on this track with DJ Taylor and used, without permission at the time, a vocal track from Jan Johnston.  But as fate would have it, when Jan discovered that her vocals had been used for this track she loved it and permission was granted for the single.  BT and Jan would team up again for their track, “Remember“.


Libra Presents Taylor – Anomaly – Calling Your Name (Granny’s Epicure Remix)