Bajofondo Tango Club – Club Pa Bailar


Bajofondo Tango Club fuses electronica and tango otherwise known as “Electrotango”.   They are artists/musicians collective from Uruguay, Argentine, and United States.

This particular track is more of a house groove with a fat synth bassline and tango elements such as violins and pianos.   This track can be found on their 2007 album release entitle, “Mardulce”.




Please Help… Who can identify this song and artist


Got it, the artists name is Binger the Voyager and the title of the track is St. Roland / St. Roland Outro.   And just were did I find this nugget of information , ebay of course.   I did a search to see if anyone was selling the cd’s and sure enough there it was.

UPDATE: Ok, the magazine was called Revolution Magazine – a defunct electronic music magazine.Ran from 1999 to 2001.Free CD with each issue. Now I just need to narrow down which cd it came from and then locate the artist.


So I had a compilation CD from a music magazine that is no longer in print. On this compilation was the following song.

[audio: – St. Augstine.mp3]


Now what I remember from this compilation is that it had singles from unsigned artists. And for the life of me I can’t recall the name of the publication. Now with that said, this magazine was a LA produced publication that you could buy in Barnes and Nobel so it wasn’t exactly an underground zine. I believe the title fo the track was, “St. Augstine”. This is what I get for not labeling my cd’s.

Here are the lyrics to the song:

What he knows is all he needs
Come the night
He calls for me
Tells me too
Follow him
Into what was never known
Takes me to his never dome
All is new

It’s the way he travels
Faster than an arrow
That’s how you know
He’s a saint

Please post any ideas or questions in the comments sections. Thank you!

Eluvium – Prelude for Time Feelers


Sad, touching, inspired, intriguing, and fragile are just some the adjectives that come to mind when listening to Eluvium’s “Prelude for Time Feelers”. Ambient artist Eluvium (aka Matthew Cooper) from Portland, Organ blends such genres as Classical, electronic, and shoegaze.

“Eluvium” = Residual deposits of soil, dust, and rock particles produced by the action of the wind. From Latin eluere, to wash out

[audio: – Prelude for Time Feelers.mp3]



[band site]

Romantica – Home For Christmas


Think Nina Persson (The Cardigins) vocals mixed with electronica goodness and you have a good start to Romantica’s cover of “Home for Christmas“.   This track as well as others can be downloaded from the collection called Electric Fantastic X-mas 2007.

You can also download Electric Fantastic X-mas 2006.

As the website states:

“Electric Fantastic X-mas
What originally started out as a joke soon turned out to be an international sampler of electronic Christmas music. Participating on the sampler are some of the bands on the label along with international guest stars Bloodgroup from Iceland, Mikrowafle from Poland, Nouvelle Culture from France and the band Soviet from the United States.

Each band was given the task to record and produce a Christmas song in their own way. Some did versions of timeless classics, others wrote their own songs. Some put weeks of work into their tracks while others had a more relaxed approach to the project. Never the less, they all did what was needed and asked for nothing in return for you see – this is a free collection of songs in the true Christmas spirit. This is our gift to you!”