Best of 2020 Electronic Electronic Pop Rock

Big Black Delta – Canary

Big Black Delta ยท Canary

Big Black Delta has been a favorite of mine going back to 2013 with Side of the Road. Since then every time I see a new release come across I get excited since his particular brand of electronic / pop / rock that is full of life in a 3-demensional way. His latest is a bit more edgier than recent outings. Has a stronger rock electro vibe that runs throughout. Vocals are spot on as usual and the energy is high – think more Nine Inch Nails towards the end of the track.

Best of 2020 Electronic Trip Hop

Mounika. – Ailleurs

Have another Mounika. track that is another testament to his craftsmanship. The track centers around a manipulated vocal snippet with a steel guitar-esque sound that provides the backbone. It conjures images of a sitting on cabin porch by the Bayou. Has a bit of a mystery around it with it’s eerie lead sound that drops in around the 43 second mark. Another hallmark of Mounkia. is his talent for crafting a solid beat.

Best of 2020 Electronic Pop

Ramverk – Change Of Starlight

No Bad Days Music ยท Change Of Starlight (Radio Edit)

Sweden’s Ramverk has just released their latest offer that has a glassy shimmer with a cool breeze to it. The vocals have a satin feel to them over an interesting beat of distorted white noise pulses. Track is full of atmosphere and sounds great with headphones on. Ramverk is a duo who meet at The Royal Swedish Ballet School and obviously decided they should not only dance but create music too. Looking forward to future releases from this Duo. For fans of Royksopp and Gus Gus.