Quencyland – Mais Bon

This track has that MGMT vibe to it. It takes ordinary sounds and gives them a slight twist to make them sound new like the organ-esque sound that sounds partly in reverse and unstable. The chip tune flourishes add the to charm of the track. The video only endeared them more to me. They have such a laid back vibe with soothing vocals and the vocoder adds a nice texture as well. Quencyland is a duo from Indonesia. #Quencyland #Bestof2020 #Electropop #Electronic

Eat More Cake – Show Me

Stimulating house beat with soothing vocals and resonant horns that are slightly muted. The track is an excellent mix of Electro Pop and Dance. Really dig the chords that are played on the upbeat which give the track a bit of playfulness. Eat More Cake are a DJ/Production/Songwriting collective from London. #EatMoreCake #Bestof2020 #DancePop #ElectroPop

Imperial April – Gin And Tonic For Your Boredom (The Response Remix)

Fell in love with this remix that just sways in the most perfect way. Reminds me of Little Dragon mixed with heavy 80’s style and vibe. The drums and bass really set the entire mood and the lead piano that lands in the chorus is perfect. I also like the work on the synth bass lead that gets detuned and wobbly in sections. #Bestof2020 #ElectronicPop #Synthpop #Electropop #ImperialApril #TheResponseRemix