Candie Payne – By Tomorrow


Candie Payne hails form Liverpool and has that revival Motown sound I love, think Amy Winehouse and The Pipettes meets St. Etienne.   This track would fit nicely on a James bond sound track, I’m of course taking about a 1960’s Sean Connery, “BOND, JAMES BOND” version.




Buy Album: I Wish I Could Have Loved You More




Caribou – Melody Day


Right out of the gate, this track just transcends the listener back to the hey day of the Beach Boys meets brit pop of the 1960’s.This track feels like a 1960’s Kaleidoscope.  



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Animal Collective – Peacebone


This track from Animal Collective is from their newest album Strawberry Jam which was released yesterday (Sept 10, 2007).

Layers on top of layers of noisy, scratchy, glitchy, music that builds and colescest into a bubbling fun choirs.   The vocals on this track remind me alot of   They Might Be Giants.  



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