Best of 2020 Electronic Indie Pop indie rock

Cults – Spit You Out

Beautiful lead melody with gentle vocals adorn this new track from Cults. The musical elements paint an adoring picture with some trippy elements. The drums ground it to earth while the organs and synth elements take it to new grounds. The song focuses on parasitic relationships and how to break old patterns of interaction. Cults is the duo of Madeline Follin and Brian Oblivion.

cultscultscults · Spit You Out
Best of 2020 indie rock Psychedlic Rock


Happy fun psychedlic romp from TTRRUUCES. Has a light summer vibe with a splash of Beck. Apparently this track started to gain a following after being featured on FIFA 2020 without being officially released yet. The music video fits the musical vibe perfectly. Animation is light and fun and would make for some wonderful greeting cards. TTRRUUCES is the adventures of Sad Girl meets Lost Boy.

Best of 2020 Indie Pop indie rock Rock

Howie Payne – Faster Than Light

Howie Payne · Faster Than Light

His vocals are what caught my attention. He has a similar texture / style of John Lennon who is my all time favorite artist. So out of the gate, this was already on the right track. The production reminds me of Jeff Lynne (of ELO fame) when he was with the Traveling Wilburys. All around solid production with great vocals and melody. After reading his bio, I see he hails from Liverpool. It all makes sense now.

The artist had this so say about ‘Faster Than Light’:

Really heavy, really catchy, and loads of groove is what it is. It’s the best rock and roll song I’ve done, I mean its a pop song really, like all the best rock and roll songs – we just delivered it in a heavy package. It has my favourite lead guitar break to play at the moment, especially the intro which has a bit of an Albert King thing about it. My guitar playing has always been heavily influenced by blues, but I don’t think I’ve really put it out front so much before, so I really do dig that this one has a bit more of that about it. It’s going to be massive live, and I can’t wait to play it.