Arrow Kids – Hold Me Like That

A raucous rock vibe dominates while being supported by synth elements and an emotional vocal. The track has a huge arena sound to it which reminds me of Big Data. The vocals of Kenny Fleetwood in the verse sections has a certain vulnerability to them. However the vocals hit hard and direct in the chorus to make a sure fit hit. ‘Hold Me Like That’ can be found on their newly released EP, Care More.

KennyHoopla – Lost Cause// (ft. grandson)

Has a pinch of Goth, a hard dance beat, and slightly distorted vocals. The chorus has a very infectious melody. Grandson elevated the track to a more modern dance number with the beat and haunting elements. Grandson also made the chorus hit harder and added other elements like the guitar and his voice to really propel it.

KennyHoopla (aka Kenneth La’ron) is Wisconsin-based performer. Grandson (aka Jordan Benjamin) is a Canadian/American alternative artist.


[verse 1 - KennyHoopla] 
Be my baby, be my girl
Have my baby, have my girl
Running crazy, run your suburbs

There's a bounty?on my neck
If they catch me,?they get a check
Never give them no respect
'Cause all authority have told me

[Chorus - KennyHoopla & grandson]
You're just a lost cause
She said, "I know how people like you end up"
And if I die young
I was born with a target on my head
Yeah, yeah, yeah
With a target on my head
Yeah, yeah, yeah

[verse 2 - grandson]
You're the best worst thing that's happened to me
Don't give it up, no way, pass it to me
Not a flash in the pan
You're a flash bang
Actually in the backseat laughing at me
94 Porsche you were giving me trouble
Not too slick and you're not too subtle
Windows down getting high when we're going
Through the tunnel
Trip and I slip in the puddle
On my own for a moment
But you don't wanna hold it
So you damn near froze it
Feeling me composing
Imma swipe down on a knee, derose it

For fans of: Twenty One Pilots

Joe Valentine – Free

For whatever reason, this track reminds me of the sound track to The Beach with Leonardo DiCaprio. Has that laid back chilled vibe that dominated that sound track which had the stand out track from Orbital. It’s probably the reversed string pad sound that kicks off this track and the spoken word. However we depart the tropical island in short order for a more rock infused chorus section that is catchy and infectious. Fans of Whitey will find plenty here to like as well.