Absofacto – Someone Else’s Dream

Something about Jonathan Visger’s (aka Absofacto) voice and style remind me at times of the Beatles. He finds that sweet spot of melody and warmth which is very easy on the ear. His heart really shines through his music. This one in particular has a great chorus and that flourish of the distorted organ sound makes my day.

He had this to say about the tune: “This is sort of the sequel to my song Dissolve. It’s about being literally trapped inside someone else’s dream, and wanting to break out and do your own thing even if it might end in disaster. I wrote it about a time where I looked around at my life and realized I was surrounded by decisions other people made… and ended up making massive changes in my life after.”

Edwin Organ – Self Alarm

A bit electropop and whole much more indie pop with a delectable melody. Reminds me a bit of Talking Heads in terms of that tropical vibe mixed with indie sensibilities they sometimes reached. Edwin’s voice once again lands perfectly in the pocket – here is the first tune from him I posted.

This is what Edwin had to say about the track: “We’ve all been there before. The relationship you know is no good, but time and time again you keep going back to them only to be chewed up and spat out in a big gummy mess. It never works out, so listen to your Self Alarm, its looking out for you.”

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Ellie Haddad – Gasoline

The tune takes inspiration from several genres like indie pop, jazz and electronic. The smokey vocals and finger snaps are mostly rooted in jazz. The synth bass, various electronic effects is from the electropop side of the house and the last third of the track is indiepop driven. Overall mood is chilled and relaxed till you hit the the 1:45 minute mark where the mood changes and goes a bit darker and harder.