almost monday – broken people (sofi tukker remix)

Sofi Tukker (American duo Sophie Hawley-Weld and Tucker Halpern) have just released their latest remix. They took the original disco-esque / modern pop tune and added a bit of dance grit to it. Think LCD Soundsytem treatment in terms of style. The lead plucky sound is catchy. Overall, I prefer this version to the original – always a hallmark of a great remix.

Klangkarussell – My World (ft. Kyle Pearce)

Smokey vocals atop of a driving house beat and pulsing bassline is the frame work for the latest release from Klangkarussell (translates to “Sound Carousel” in English). Drama is the order of the day on ‘Shipwreck’ with its sonic elements peaking to a crescendo in the chorus. The song builds up and up to a rousing beat and sonic atmosphere that is sure to have people lost in its atmosphere on the dance floor. Klangkarussell is a duo from Austria.

Rangleklods – Like That

Has a TEED sound to the track with its house vibe and subdued vocals similar to Rufus Del Sol. This is quite different to the previous Rangleklods track posted here. Here the vocals take a bit more of a back seat and sit in the groove while the synths and beat push the track forward. I really like his vocals here with the tinge of sorrow and melancholy. I’m sure this track will be queued up in the more trendy eateries around Los Angeles.