Best of 2020 Electronic House

Rangleklods – Like That

Rangleklods · Like That

Has a TEED sound to the track with its house vibe and subdued vocals similar to Rufus Del Sol. This is quite different to the previous Rangleklods track posted here. Here the vocals take a bit more of a back seat and sit in the groove while the synths and beat push the track forward. I really like his vocals here with the tinge of sorrow and melancholy. I’m sure this track will be queued up in the more trendy eateries around Los Angeles.

House Indie Pop

TMYK – Living on a Feeling

TMYK · Living On A Feeling – TMYK

Vocals at times remind me of Adam Levine from Maroon 5, which is not a bad thing. The track has an easy vibe to it and gradually builds to a house beat for the chorus. TMYK has teamed up with Cameron Robertson from Glades for a co-production effort. TMYK is Tommy Kennedy from Sydney, Australia.

Best of 2020 Deep House Funk House

Wilson Knickit -Sunshine (Ft Sir Funk)

Don Dayglow (Particle Zoo) · Wilson Knickit – Sunshine Ft Sir Funk (Original Mix)
Deep house number with an old school vibe from Wilson Knickit. The bassline has a strong hook and layered with the vocals of “Everybody’s fine when we got sunshine” seals the deal. I can only imagine how strong this plays out on proper sound system – it’s built to rattle the dance floor. Wilson Knickit is a producer/dj from UK.