Enerate – Half Asleep

OMG – I LOVE THIS TRACK.   From the first time I heard this it’s been in heavy rotation on my iPod.   Truly a perfect blend of pop and synths with a tonic of a melody.

For fans of: Hot Chip, Discovery, Woolf and the Wondershow

PIERS BARON – Lost Souls Make It

Synthpop with a brooding Gothic undertow.    The track is about self-serving governments not caring out any of us.   “It’s about strength in numbers, a middle finger to authority.”




All the elements land perfectly here in this nu-disco production that features vocals that sway.  The track sounds like a modern Blondie tune, good stuff indeed!



Harking back to OMD and recalling a bit of Bjork along the way.  It’s 80’s synthpop meets ethereal vibes and psychedelic dreams.

About the video:

The DIY-video following KOY’s first release “HEAT”, is an homage to vintage horror/sci-fi-culture, portraying various historical monster figures, fears and hopes. Vampires, witches, robots and other creatures guide you through a humoristic inner landscape of fear and bravery.


About Koy:

KOY is the solo project of Berlin-based composer and singer Victoria Trunova. Born in St. Petersburg and growing up in Germany, KOY has been moving between Berlin, Helsinki, Oslo and Bergen. Along the way KOY has been collecting musical traces that travel with her. Inspired by a wild mixture and the denial of nationalities, KOY’s music moves between cutting new wave beats, 80’s dream pop, 70’s movies, the sea and salt – mixed with some November darkness and a burning heart.