Knapsack – Sleepyhead

Has some of that Passion Pit flavor with its driven beat and falsetto vocals. It’s an indie pop / electropop number that mixes both organic and synthetic textures to great effect. The track has these quite moments and these larger peaks which keeps everything interesting. Gabriel O’Leary (aka knapsack) is musician, singer, producer from Chicago.

Klangkarussell & GIVVEN – Follow

This is the second team up for Klangkarussel with GIVVEN and just like the first time around, they deliver (the first track was GhostKeeper). This one pulls at the heart strings and GIVVEN’s vocals pulls the track to another lever. The track is built slowly up from a sparse guitar pluck, hand claps and vocals with a low bass to fill it all out. Klangkarussel knows a thing or two about constructing electronic music with emotion.

#Bestof2020 #Klangkarussell #GIVVEN #ElectroPop #Electronic #House

Paul Kalkbrenner – Parachute

Parachute is a bit haunting but you can hear the love wrapped around it. It’s smooth and easy and floats along a bed of warm currents and brassy notes. I love the chorus lines of: Oh, I will be your parachute – I’ll always, I’ll always cover you

Paul Kalkbrenner is a Producer and DJ from Berlin.