I Speak Machine – Shame

A synth pop track that has all the sonic goodness from the 80’s.  I think this track needs to land on Halt and Catch Fire.

For fans of:  Róisín Murphy

Short Bio:
I Speak Machine are vocalist and synth nerd Tara Busch and filmmaker Maf Lewis. Together they make brooding soundtracks and horror/sci-fi films, creating the audio and visual in unison and giving both elements equal prominence. Their approach is inspired by Spaghetti Western cinema duo Ennio Morricone and Sergio Leone, who used to play with score ideas for scenes while scripts were being written.

Butter – For Kate I Wait (Ariel Pink cover)

Cool cover that takes the original by Ariel Pink and puts more of a 80’s synthpop / Berlin sound to it. The sound is crisp and clean.   I prefer this version over the original.


For fans of: Berlin , Little Boots, Ladytron


About the song:

Butter is the electronic pop alter ego of Lola Blanc.   Lola thought “For Kate I Wait” by Ariel Pink would sound amazing with a female vocal on it.

Butter is an Actor in “Under the Silver Lake”, upcoming movie starring Andrew Garfield
After the release of “For Kate I Wait” Butter’s next song will be “Lifted”, a quirky cover of Palmistry’s song.

More info about Butter/Lola Blanc:





Color Theory – Glory Days

Brian Hazard (aka Color Theory) is the one man wizard behind this latest romantic synth track “Glory Days”.  It’s a warm and melodic synthwave track that is well written and catchy.


Nothing changes in the day by day
But then we look back
And nothing is the same
What do we cling to at the last?

Boring stories of foolish acts
Enlarged and embellished
Sealed and vacuum-packed
Best friends can’t let go of the past

A life in Technicolor
Beyond the ever after
A yellowed Polaroid
Can’t fill the aching void
Of glory days
Glory days

Crushed by the absolute fact
That things can never go back
To how they used to be
Accept wholeheartedly
The glory days
Those were the glory days

Wasn’t ready to come of age
Still waiting for my shot at center stage
Too immature to let it go

I’m inclined to take the longer view
The future me seeking out the future you
Forever hunting high and low

It isn’t all bad, getting older
Waited years to kiss you
Wasted away
And now I do it every day

And if you can’t recall
We’ll just redo it all
The glory days
These are the glory days.

Mr.Kitty – Habits (feat. PASTEL GHOST)

If you liked the soundtrack to the movie Drive (starring Ryan Gosling) then you’ll love this number from Mr. Kitty.  It’s a moody synthpop number with whispered vocoder vocals.

Be sure to check Mr. Kitty out live on the following dates:


06.15 – Portland, OR – Lovecraft

06.18 – Denver, CO – Three Kings Tavern

06.21 – Minneapolis, MN – The Saloon

06.22 – La Crosse, WI – The Warehouse

06.24 – Chicago, IL – The Burlington

06.25 – Detroit, MI – Smalls Bar

06.26 – Cleveland, OH – Phantasy Symposium

06.27 – Albany, NY – Fuze Box

06.28 – Boston, MA – Once Ballroom

06.29 – New York City, NY – Stimulate

06.30 – Wilmington, DE – Asylum 13

07.01 – Washington, DC – Spellbound

07.02 – Richmond, VA – Fallout

07.04 – Charlotte, NC – The Milestone Club

07.05 – Atlanta, GA – The Drunken Unicorn

07.06 – New Orleans, LA – Siberia

07.07 – Houston, TX – Marquee Moon Lounge

07.08 – Austin, TX – Elysium