Queens of Club – Bones

Hooked the first second I heard that synth arpeggiator going from the start of the track. It only got better as the track carries on. It has a gothic vibe mixed with synth pop from the 80’s and modern synth wave. The vocals seduce and pull the listener in till it reaches a crescendo in the chorus with several vocals singing in harmony. This track is for fans of Grimes and Purity Ring.

Andrei Sora – Uber Blindfold Epicyon

Love when an instrumental can tell a story and that’s exactly what Andrei Sora did with Uber Blindfold Epicyon. It starts with a softer lead in the intro and then is struck with what sounds like an unfortunate series of events. The track, at least to my ears, has movements rather then verse/chorus since it evolves and takes the listener on a sonic voyage. The classic synths sounds are always a pull for me and there is plenty of that on this tune. Andrei Sora is a music producer from London by way of Romania.

Revelever – Future Forward (ft. Shannon Maree)

I have soft spot for any track that sounds like Vince Clarke produced during his Yazoo years. This track captures that vibe in perfect form. Granted, vocally it’s different from Alison Moyet but Shannon Maree makes this sound her own. It’s very similar to one of the more mellow Yazoo tracks. Overall, this track made me smile and I had to have it. I also love the cover art for this track.