Human Resource – Dominator (Wax Worx Remix)

This video is just pure entertainment bliss.  Love when solid dancers elevate a tune to the next level.  The kids in this video hit hard and lock the vibe in perfectly.

The tune is a 90’s acid house classic by Human Resource that has got re-worked by the talented hands of Wax Worx.

DGTL CLR- Elephant (Little Glass Men Remix)

Woozy feel with this remix from the very competent hands of Little Glass Men.   A bit psychedelic but stays rooted in a modern pop sound.

From the remix artist regarding this track:

Collaborating with vocalist Devereaux Jennings from DGTL CLR to re-imagine their moody single, “Elephants”. Together, we recorded some new higher-register takes for the chorus, and more vocal textures to drop into the sample pool. Available on all major music platforms.


Short bio:

Self-confessed Peter pan and creative powerhouse, Ryan Claus strips bare his soul with his incorporeal side project, Little Glass Men. Utilizing sampling, synthesis, and live instrumentation, he births raw, lo-fi harmonic grooves that will transport you into the very depths of chill. Hauntingly beautiful melodies and sound palettes weave into echoes of Mt. Kimbie, Bonobo and Flying Lotus.