Memoryy – I Thought You Needed My Love (feat. Odd Year)

Been awhile since I had new music out and what a better way to break that with the soothing heartfelt vocals and production of Memoryy.  The backing track was a push in a more pop / EDM direction but still melodic and still synthpop.  Shaun (aka Memoryy) lands a very layered vocal track with a clever hook in the chorus.

This track can be found on the upcoming full length from Memorry.




Odd Year:


Raven Coleman – Ember (Odd Year Remix)

rcolemanHere is my latest remix of a Raven Coleman track called “Ember”.  The original (which you can listen too here) had a chilled synthpop style to it.  When I heard the vocals in isolation it just seem like a Trip Hop track and that’s what I went with.  Was inspired by Raven’s vocals and ran with it.

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Big Data – Snowed In (feat. Rivers Cuomo)

Well it seems Big Data got the one and only lead singer from Weezer, Rivers Cuomo, for his latest effort.  I need to sit with this one a bit more and let it sink in.  Big Data’s attention to detail is on display as expected but it’s the harmonies i’m kinda missing from his previous efforts.  Like I said, I need to sit with this one a bit more.

//off topic: Rivers, if you happen to read this you still own me a collaboration as well. (read here) just saying…

Nina Yasmineh – Prophecy (Odd Year Remix)


I feel in love with this song from Nina and had to do a remix.  It’s a well crafted pop song with a great hook, what’s not to like!  I only used her original vocals and created a completely new backing tracking with amped up energy for the chorus.    Think along the lines of Robyn and Röyksopp.

The original can be found on Nina’s new EP, “Finest Hour

Here’s is the official lyrical video for Prophecy (Odd Year Remix):

Nina’s Facebook Page

Nina Yasmineh: Twitter, Facebook and Soundcloud

Little India – Oola (Odd Year Remix)


Created this synthpop 80’s infused remix of Little India’s single, “Oola”.   The original is quite tranquil with a Caribbean vibe to it.  I stripped it down to just the vocals and kept the horns and the echo guitar for the break down.