NONONO – Pumping Blood (Odd Year Remix)

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Frou Frou – Deal With It (rare)

Here is an older gem of a tune, this track from the now defunct Frou Frou was to be released as the b-side to their track, “It’s Good To Be In Love” but it was never released.  I also include a remix if an Imogen Heap track called “Aeroplane” that saw Imogen’s future collaborator, Guy Sigsworth, taking the helm.   This remix pre-dates the full length release from the duo.

Frou Frou – Deal With It

Imogen Heap – Aeroplane (Frou Frou Remix)

And to round out this post, I’ve added my own remix of Imogen Heap’s unreleased track, “The Song That Never Was”.

Imogen Heap — The Song That Never Was (Odd Year remix)

NEW: Imogen Heap – The Song That Never Was (Odd Year Remix)


New remix by Odd Year of a track that Imogen Heap had written but never released.   It was tentatively titled, “The Song That Never Was“.

Taken from twestival:

A short time ago, Imogen Heap took a few days out from making her new album to write a track that was supposed to feature at the end of TV programme.   She wrote the song and recorded all the vocals, leaving the music for the composer who was writing the rest of the score so she could get on with her much anticipated new album. For one reason or another the song wasn’t used and so the track never got completed. But their loss is Twestival’s gain as she’s excitedly donated the aforementioned vocals for ‘The Song That Never Was’ experiment.

NEW: Imogen Heap – The Song That Never Was (Odd Year Remix)