M.Waxx – Soften

M WaxxMore of downtempo / relaxed vibe on this electronic instrumental track.

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Starship Playground – Tokyo

StarshipPlaygroundIn a word, infectious.  Love the Glissando ( a sweeping glide from one pitch to another ) [I had to look up the actual meaning, I knew the word though!] of the lead synth line.

Starship Playground are from the great state of Oklahoma.  This is there first single.

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Lovage – Pit Stop (Instrumental)


Ok, so Lovage (aka Dan the Automator   side project) released two version of this album, called Music to Make Love to Your Old Lady By.   One which included a vocalist and was somewhat campy, which I didn’t care for and other being an all instrumental version of the album from which this track was taken from .       To listen to the vocal version of this album visit their myspace page.   This is probably one of the few times I strongly favor an instrument version over a vocal version of an album, being that l love vocals on just about anything.

Also, a side note the cover above was a tribute to the cover of Serge Gainsbourg‘s album “No. 2”.


Lovage – Pit Stop (Instrumental)

Lovage – Anger Management (Instrumental)