Elliot Moss – I Heard!

Elliot Moss just released a catchy and hypnotic tune named ‘I Heard!’. Clever lyrics, a repetitive chord and a grooving bass is the framework for ‘I Heard!’. Elliot Moss had this to say about the track “‘I Heard’ is about being trapped by the idea of happiness. That there’s always something better for you, but you don’t know how to get it. Or can’t get it right now,”

I like the subtle effects on his vocals as well the sax that lands later in the track.

Deryk – Call You Out

Melody and voice on this one that stood out for me. New Zealand native deryk hits with passion and heart. Her vocals are smoky, lush and are backed by an atmosphere of hip hop beats and acoustic guitar. Some of here influences show through like Bjork and PJ Harvey. Certain moments in the track remind me of Unkle.

Cults – Spit You Out

Beautiful lead melody with gentle vocals adorn this new track from Cults. The musical elements paint an adoring picture with some trippy elements. The drums ground it to earth while the organs and synth elements take it to new grounds. The song focuses on parasitic relationships and how to break old patterns of interaction. Cults is the duo of Madeline Follin and Brian Oblivion.