Yaielle Golden – Last Night

When I first heard this track, I thought it was a track from Little Dragon. Little did I know that it was actually the work of 17 year old music producer, singer-songwriter Yaielle Golden from Little Rock, Arkansas. She has a smooth vocal which is intimate and fits the mood of the track perfectly. Her production chops are in full effect here as well. She produced a solid track and I personally hope she does more music in this laid back house style.

Sibéri – Lotus Rouge

Track has a deep house pulse that is the underpinning of a hypnotic vocal that floats slightly above the atmosphere. The groove is what really landed for me on this one. The track progresses with ease and all the elements fall in place organically. Arrangement and production are on point on this one. Siberi is French native and Berlin-based singer songwriter.

Planet der Krassen – Only Love

Has a throwback Funk House feel to it. Track also has a soulful vocal that elevates the track to another lever. Planet der Krassen are two animals from Hamburg, Germany <— that’s part of bio from Spotify :).

Photay – The People

Out of the gate this track is intriguing with it’s unique percussive track and funk groove. Love to hear new textures being used for the rhythm and the vocal bits help push the beat forward. Overall nice mixture of House, Funk, and electronic groove. For fans of Super Collider (Jamie Lidell).

Harry Nathan – Sweet Release

Yes, I am a FAN of Harry Nathan. He has such a gift for creating laid back house tunes with soul. This track has strong groove and that bass sounds warm and inviting.

“This single is the first off my new lo-fi house project. It’s about a difficult relationship likened to experiencing psychedelics”– Harry Nathan