Best of 2020 Electronic Electronic Pop

Avipene – what’s wrong with me

Avipene · what’s wrong with me

A dreamy atmosphere is set in the new track from Avipene. The song is about being introspective and trying to make sense of one’s self when things are off. The lead line that’s played by a chime like sound has a wonderful melody. The overall atmosphere is perfectly cast and pulls the listener in. My favorite lyrics of the track are:

I don’t know what’s wrong with me

Treading water that nobody sees

I don’t know what’s wrong with me

Something must be missing where’s the piece

Electronic Electronic Pop

Ravages – Métamorphoses

Ravages · Métamorphoses

Track has a charming sound to it all the while being on the upbeat side of things. The lyrics on the hand are on the darker side but with a ray of hope of through transformation. The melody is what really sold me on the track. Ravages is a four member group from France.

Best of 2020 Electronic Pop

Ramverk – Change Of Starlight

No Bad Days Music · Change Of Starlight (Radio Edit)

Sweden’s Ramverk has just released their latest offer that has a glassy shimmer with a cool breeze to it. The vocals have a satin feel to them over an interesting beat of distorted white noise pulses. Track is full of atmosphere and sounds great with headphones on. Ramverk is a duo who meet at The Royal Swedish Ballet School and obviously decided they should not only dance but create music too. Looking forward to future releases from this Duo. For fans of Royksopp and Gus Gus.