Gianni Canetti – Freakout

Talk about starting a track on the right foot, that’s exactly what Gianni did here. The beat starts it all off and blam we are into the chorus with a deep bass and the intimate vocals of Gianni. I love the sparseness of the this track which only includes the absolute necessity of instrumentation. Looking at his bio, he is actually from the land of the Beatles, in other words Liverpool – I would have never guessed that. The song is addictive and catchy, so listener beware.

ikki – We Can Fly

Has a erasure vibe to this track, very upbeat and happy. Bio from

Jesse Shaw — writing, programming, vocals, guitar
Ricardo Autobahn — producing, programming, writing
Chad Dyer — guitar

Electropop group IKKI is generating solid tracks full of ultra-catchy gems. Combining talents from its several members, IKKI features Jesse Shaw (Minneapolis’ Uber Cool Kung Fu), Ricardo Autobahn (UK’s Spray and Cuban Boys) and Chad Dyer (St. Cloud’s Electric Almighty.) Taking cues from bands such as New Order, Carter USM and Spray, IKKI blends hooking lyrics with a punchy sound.

ikki – We Can Fly