Hard Lights, Moonshine, Ember Island – Umbrella (feat. Marnik)

I tend to like select covers of this song more then the original. The is one such cover since it takes a different spin of the tune without missing the heart of it. My favorite part has always been ‘Took an oath I’mma stick it out ’til the end’. I love the cadence and rhythm there. It’s effortless and so damn catchy. This version has a smoother deeper vibe to the track. The vocals are soothing and the beat is driving in the chorus.

Hard Lights has an ear for melody and this is evident when going through his catalog of music he’s produced. Hard Lights is a Producer / International DJ racking up massive plays on Spotify.

Memoryy – I Thought You Needed My Love (feat. Odd Year)

Been awhile since I had new music out and what a better way to break that with the soothing heartfelt vocals and production of Memoryy.  The backing track was a push in a more pop / EDM direction but still melodic and still synthpop.  Shaun (aka Memoryy) lands a very layered vocal track with a clever hook in the chorus.

This track can be found on the upcoming full length from Memorry.




Odd Year: