Lena Luca – Rosebuds

Electro funk infused disco number with a very catchy chorus of ‘Pain or Pleasure’. Lena has crafted a very fun yet seductive tune that is cool and dance able. That synth flourish in the background during the chorus is such a nice touch and really adds to the mood. Lena Luca is based in Austin, Texas.

The Shadowboxers – Nothing Ever Does

This track showcases the vocal harmony of The Shadowboxers which is something of a trade mark for them. The music is more on the experimental side for R&B in the verse sections. This is not a bad thing and for me is what hooked me from the start. The chorus is on point and the vocal harmony reminds me Bee Gees. The music in the chorus is more on the disco side of the fence with the guitar and drums but has a modern flair with the drone-ish bassline. “Well the only thing that stays the same is that Nothing ever does” – love that line.

L’Impératrice – Fou

Disco is alive in Paris, France with the a little help from L’Impératrice. L’Impératrice craft a smooth disco track with an ample supply of pop. This track can be found from their upcoming second album. ‘Fou’ is the French word for ‘crazy’. Nothing crazy here about this solid track just be sure to listen all the way through since it’s a ‘grower’.