Wilson Knickit -Sunshine (Ft Sir Funk)

Deep house number with an old school vibe from Wilson Knickit. The bassline has a strong hook and layered with the vocals of “Everybody’s fine when we got sunshine” seals the deal. I can only imagine how strong this plays out on proper sound system – it’s built to rattle the dance floor. Wilson Knickit is a producer/dj from UK.

THAT KIND – Lights Go Down

Seductive beat and groove gets this track going. Track is about an association we all have with music and how a specific track can trigger a pleasurable memory on the dance floor. Production on the track is built for a big room dance floor with it’s heavy bass and clear mix with the vocals up front. That Kind is a duo (Jack & Taylor) hailing from the UK.

Björn Gögge – Tom’s Tuk Tuk

Deep house track here with some minimal vocals. It has a ton of atmosphere and I like the varied textures used like the glockenspiel-esque lead sound. The track has a nice pull release movement throughout. Song really gets going once the kick drops around the 30 second mark. The impetus of the track per the artist was a request from his friend to make a tune for an upcoming trip through Asia.