Best of 2020 Electronic Pop Synthpop

NRVS LVRS – Little Cults

Husband and wife duo NRVS LVRS (pronounced “Nervous Lovers”) just releases their latest offer from their new Cult Lite EP. By the way, love the bands name and it’s takes it to another level knowing they are husband and wife. This first cut from the EP has a playful summer time energy to it. Has a solid groove and 80’s esque feel that just adds more feel good to the track. Love the lead line which is more of a manipulated vocal but fits perfectly. Be sure to check out their entire EP if you like this cut as the EP has the same energy from start to finish.

NRVS LVRS · Little Cults
Best of 2020 Electronic Electronic Pop Synthpop

ETAN – Duck Down

ETAN · ETAN – Duck Down

Reminds me of the more upbeat side of Goldfrapp mixed with a bit more electro edge. London based singer-songwriter, producer and vocalist, ETAN, has crafted an engaging electronic pop track that recalls 80’s synthpop glory days. The chorus is really catchy with the “Duck-duck-duck-duck-duck-duck-duck-duck–duck down, I won’t.” Not a word you would think would be that catchy but ETAN has pulled it off. Also like the arrangement and how the stronger chorus hook does not land till the 2nd time around. The verses sections are seductive and the choruses are catchy. Well done ETAN!

Electronic Synthpop

Andrei Sora – Uber Blindfold Epicyon

Andrei Sora · Uber Blindfold Epicyon

Love when an instrumental can tell a story and that’s exactly what Andrei Sora did with Uber Blindfold Epicyon. It starts with a softer lead in the intro and then is struck with what sounds like an unfortunate series of events. The track, at least to my ears, has movements rather then verse/chorus since it evolves and takes the listener on a sonic voyage. The classic synths sounds are always a pull for me and there is plenty of that on this tune. Andrei Sora is a music producer from London by way of Romania.