L’Imperatrice – Fou (Poolside remix)

Well crafted tune that was made a tiny bit better by Poolside. This is not a knock on Poolside, for whom I have great appreciation for. It’s just the original was so well done to begin with and why I posted it a few months here.

This remix puts a bit more of a relaxed sunshine vibe that Poolside is known for. Some of the more disco elements still shine though but with a more tropical twist.

almost monday – broken people (sofi tukker remix)

Sofi Tukker (American duo Sophie Hawley-Weld and Tucker Halpern) have just released their latest remix. They took the original disco-esque / modern pop tune and added a bit of dance grit to it. Think LCD Soundsytem treatment in terms of style. The lead plucky sound is catchy. Overall, I prefer this version to the original – always a hallmark of a great remix.

Marian Hill – like u do (Remix by Clear Eyes)

From the moment when the first kick drops this remix had me. I wasn’t familiar with the original version but was shocked when I heard a female vocal as opposed to the male vocal on the remix. As I checked out the original, which is solid on it’s own, this remix is more in my vein of electronic music that is slightly askewed. Clear Eyes take the original and infuses it with a dub step vibe and grounds the track with more emotion. The builds are never over the top but are tastefully done.

Clear Eyes is the artist project of Jeremy Lloyd from Marian Hill.