teeballpaul – Thank You For Consideration

This track has a killer chorus that is sticky sweet and is catchy as all get out. It has a smooth disco undertone to it with falsetto vocals and funky bass. One of my favorite tracks to date this year. There is no extraneous bits here, it’s all crafted to perfection. teeballpaul is a one-man-band based here in Los Angeles, hence the Southern California vibe you hear on the track.

JUICYPEAR – Rollercoaster

Track has that feel good energy all over it. It’s a bit modern disco with some strong soul vibes. That warm muted bass line with the glossy electric piano is the perfect bed for the warm vocals of Jasmine Mayeda. The overall production is spot on and feels like it should blaring at the pool party at sunset. Has a warm glow to the whole thing. The perfect setup to the dance party.

Aristo G – Touch

Grooving disco number with a catchy vocal always hits home for me. This Gorgio Moroder inspired number has all the right ingredients like the ubiquitous hand claps, lasers, string hits and the deep pulsating bass. It’s a fit for any rooftop dance part that is warming up the night. This track can be found on his 2020 EP ‘Temptation / Touch’