teeballpaul – Thank You For Consideration

This track has a killer chorus that is sticky sweet and is catchy as all get out. It has a smooth disco undertone to it with falsetto vocals and funky bass. One of my favorite tracks to date this year. There is no extraneous bits here, it’s all crafted to perfection. teeballpaul is a one-man-band based here in Los Angeles, hence the Southern California vibe you hear on the track.

Lena Luca – Rosebuds

Electro funk infused disco number with a very catchy chorus of ‘Pain or Pleasure’. Lena has crafted a very fun yet seductive tune that is cool and dance able. That synth flourish in the background during the chorus is such a nice touch and really adds to the mood. Lena Luca is based in Austin, Texas.


New duo comprised of two producers leads to new electro-pop tune with funk and soul. It’s a synth drenched tune with a laid back beat and a funky synth bass. The duo spent a weekend in Big Bear, California and the first track produced was ‘Sick of Being Honest’. It was a no holds bar weekend for them to produce with inspiration. MILKBLOOD is David Dahlquist and Pat Morrissey. This track can be found on their EP ‘VOID’.