Ursula 1000 – Electrik Boogie


Let’s see… add a falsetto vocal track, glaring guitar riffs, women moaning and groaning, 80’s synth strings, samples ripped from various Prince tracks, and yup what you end up with is a Prince  track.   Funny thing though, it isn’t a Prince track but instead Ursual 1000 with “Electrik Boogie”.   This thing can’t possibly sound more Prince, well.. ok, maybe if they threw in a Purple Rain reference…



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Beirut – Postcards from Italy




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Evidently, the concept for the music video for Beirut’s “Postcards from Italy” was to purchase family made videos from ebay.   The footage was cut and spliced to produce the following video:


Jim Noir – My Patch


In case this one slipped by you in 05, I’m here to bring it back.   Easily one of the best song of 2005 from one of the best albums of 2005.   “My Patch” is found on the “Tower of Power” album from Jim Noir.Part Beatles, part Beta Band,   part ELO and a Beach Boys (think Pet Sounds) bridge thrown in for good measure and you have the main ingredients for “My Patch”.   This album also produced such hits as, “Eanie Meany, & “Computer Song”.  



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Dragonett – I Get Around (Midnight Juggernaut Mix)


Clicky-pop-dance remix of Dragonett’s “I Get Around” by the Midnight Juggernauts, which sounds a lot more fun to me than the original.   There’s certain playfulness with this remix that I thought was missing from the original.



Here’s the video for the original version